It has an extreme and unique honour that its prospectus was written in “MADINAH MUNAWWARAH” sitting in the mosque of the PROPHET (PBUH) in the shade of Gunbad-e-Khidra.

Respected sir, Hafiz Muhammad Saddique Faizi wrote its prospectus. A virtuous and modest personality Haji Mukhtar Ahmad (May Allah rest his soul in Heaven) and the owner of the school Haji Ijaz Ahmad Butt signed it. These persons pledged that they would utilize their resources and sources in promoting this institution, devote themselves whole heartedly for the best training on moral and religious values. They pledged that they would educate the students with full devotion and without any malice, prejudice fake popularity and greed of money. They would try their level best to make every student a responsible, patriotic and dutiful citizen of the society. They would never care for any kind of forgery , greed, jobbery, nepotism, approach and corruption.

Name of Institution: The institution was named “ALKARAM” so that benevolence of Allah may upon it.

Its name has also been derived from the internationally recognized, religions and spiritual personality, translator and interpreter Zia-ul-ummet Hazrat Per Karam Shah Al-Azhri as a homage.

It has been untiring efforts of ALKARAM HIGH SCHOOL to ornament the children of the society with education and create in them the passion of patriotism and service of mankind. The educational and administrative staff of ALKARAM HIGH SCHOOL is composed of dutiful and responsible persons. The excellent result of the school owes to the staff.

ALKARAM HIGH SCHOOL has a unique status in discipline, standard of education and extra curricular activities.

By the grace of God ALKARAM HIGH SCHOOL is following the foot prints of Sind Madrisa-tul-islam Karachi and Aligarh College. It is producing vigilant, genius and prudent character for the nation.

We pray to Allah almighty humbly to produce a guide like Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, a genius like Abdul Qadeer Khan, an orator like Muhammad Ali Johar and a Muhahid like Rashid Minhas, from ALKARAM HIGH SCHOOL who would change the density of the nation and enable us to get our lost dignity, Aameen.

Salient Features:

  • Classes are started with the recitation of Holy Quran and Darood-e-Pak on HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH).
  • Every class has a specific period of “NAMAZ”, “IMPORTANT PRAYERS”,”SIX KALMA” and other “SURAHS”
  • Urdu as national language is taught and English as an international language is given utmost care.
    Islamic teaching and Arabic language have also been made essential features of the syllabus.
  • All the students are inculcated and instilled the lesson in the classes.
  • There is a Science laboratory for high classes equipped with modern science apparatus.
  • There is a laboratory having huge collection of books for students and teachers quench their thirst of knowledge.
  • Prominent and renowned personalities of the country, representatives of the board visit the school time to time.

Parents can see the principal about the educational condition of the children.
In parents’ teachers meeting, the reveling teachers give wise and useful pieces of advice which are helpful for the children.

Parents are supposed to watch their children at home. They must read the home work diary daily. The children spend only 6 hours out of 24 hours at school while they spend 18 hours at home. Therefore parents responsibilities increases. They must watch the company they adopt, the time they spend and the work they do. Make your atmosphere clean and ideal. The parents must make their children punctual of time. They must send their children to school in time.